TPT Helper

TPT Helper is designed for the ZTE Blade (aka Orange San Francisco etc.). It helps you to easily repartition the phone and convert it to the Gen 2 memory layout to let you run the latest custom ROMs. The unzipping and md5sum checking features should work on any phone, but only use the TPT files included on European ZTE Blades.

  • Download TPT files giving different partition layouts
  • Download TPT files which will convert and install a ROM in one go
  • Build your own TPT choosing partition size, recovery and splash image (all from preset options)
  • Start the TPT from inside the app on some roms, no need to use the hardware buttons manually
  • Check the file is intact
  • Unzip the TPT files to the correct location
  • Verify that all the files you're about to flash are intact
  • Clean up afterwards to avoid accidental flashes

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Blade Checker

Blade Checker is for the ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco/etc. only.
Blade Checker will tell you whether you are Gen 1 or Gen 2/3. If you are Gen 2/3, it will try and tell you which.
It also tells you which type of TPT you need to use. Either the Gen 1/Gen 1 to Gen 2 type TPTs, or the stock Gen 2/3 image.bin TPTs.
It will show you how much RAM your Blade has available, and suggest whether it is European or Chinese based on this.
Finally, it will show you how large your system, cache and data partitions currently are. This lets you know whether your current layout is big enough for the rom you want to flash, or whether you need to use a TPT to get a bigger layout.

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All-in-One Toolkit v1.0.1
  • Root/unroot
  • Installation of busybox/bash support
  • Recovery/kernel flashing
  • Installation of init.d feature

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