1. Disable auto-rotation in the User Interface. With auto-rotation on, the Gsensor is always powered and draws too much battery. It seems that the open-source drivers for the sensors are using the compass instead of the real GSensor. I'm not completely sure about the drivers, so, instead of auto-rotation always on, add the switch to auto-rotate to the power widget in the notification area and switch it on only when you need it.
  2. Use smartassv2 governor, at least theoretically seems more battery-wise.
  3. Use the automatic brightness feature. I've tested it lot, and without it, you cannot notice the differences in ambient light, and you can save a lot of power.
  4. 2G with data-connection off saves also a lot of power. There is a problem with battery drainage while receiving Mms in CM9 when data-connection is off, but it is fixed in this ROM.
My phone is still draining too much battery, what can I do:
  • Is your phone deep-sleeping? When you press the power button and set the phone aside, it enters a low power state (called deep sleep) where only the radio part is being powered. When the radio part receives a confirmation for a call or sms, it awakes the CPU and bumps Android to respond to that request. In the ZTE Blade you can confirm that your phone deep sleeps if, while the phone is screen off, you press any button in the keypad, and the phone does not switch on. If it switches on consistently, it is not deep sleeping when it should.
  • Another way of checking for deep sleep problems is to go to Settings > Battery > "Touch the graphic", and see if the "Awake" blue bar is consistently or intermittently on. It should be equal to the screen blue bar and once in a while the screen is off.
  • Also, check in Settings > Battery if you can detect an application consuming too much battery. Uninstall it and contact the developer if it is consistently on the top of that list, when it rarely used, for instance.


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