FishNChips 7 For ZTE Crescent
This ROM is based on the stock french 2.3.5 and will fit on a 160MB system partition with room to spare.

-Notification power widget (thanks to lidroid, KonstaT and tillaz)
-Circle battery mod
-VPN/SAMBA share modules added
-Stagefright enabled
-GPU rendered UI
-TCP buffer sizes optimized
-GPS configuration modded for better lock times and accuracy (Thanks to Coabalboa and aZZo)
-Busybox support
-Long press on status bar and slide to change brightness

Fish'N'Chips RLS7 SF2 version:

Fish'N'Chips RLS7 TMV version:

-BBC Iplayer: http://www.mediafire...v11ihh2vd11j89s
-Flash player 10.2 (arm6 compatible) : http://www.mediafire...2tll8jz618fvql4
-MIUI music (supports browse by folder): http://www.mediafire...j30d7ado3pyp1a3
Flashable zips:
-Build prop patch:http://www.mediafire...s17x68v787n22d7 (fixes version display)
-Nemus Patch:http://www.mediafire...o3dolyev16bg7ec (deletes LauncherPro and installs NemusLauncher)
-Camera ICS:http://www.mediafire...qrgn4uac6trus0b  (Installs Camera ICS)
-Ubuntu font: http://www.mediafire...f7bbukns84soyni
-Stock font: http://www.mediafire...1yn9cbn57tq11yh
-Roboto font: http://www.mediafire...u2zbczhold0dlmw
-Sony font: http://www.mediafire...ozbcl1d5dcu5jk6

Installation instructions
- Download ROM, Gapps ZIPs to your SD card
- Boot into clockworkmod
- Backup your current ROM (optional but highly recommended)
- Wipe Data / factory reset
- Wipe cache
- Advanced / Wipe dalvik cache
- Mounts & Storage / format system (just to be sure)
- install zip from SD card - choose ROM zip
- install zip from SD card - choose Gapps zip
- reboot
- let it settle for couple of minutes until media scanner finishes its media scanning job. Otherwise UI might be a bit laggy.
- complete google setup and press Home if there's blank screen instead of launcher showing