Eco CM7 - A minimalist CM7 build For ZTE Blade

Sometimes I have the need for a stable, snappy build, with all possible features that our Blade can give. Eco CM7 is my cm7 stripped-down, minimalist and efficient build for those times. It is tweaked to be as fast as possible with minimum bloat. Battery efficiency is also one of my goals.. As much as I like ICS or JB, Gingerbread seems hand-made to our ZTE Blades.

This build includes only a minimum bundle of applications, Google Play for installing other applications you need, and "Eco Wallpapers", an assortment of wallpapers from AOSP, CM10 and elsewhere.. The default launcher is LauncherPro, a minimalist and fast launcher, although zip files are available to install other launchers (check below - section "Additional").

Since Gingerbread is stable by now, and the patches on CM7 are scarce, I don't expect to do frequent updates, only stable releases.


  • Eco Wallpapers
  • Automatic retrieval of Mms contents (for people without data plans)
  • Fast transitions and animations
  • Launcher Pro (default launcher - credits to the programmer)
  • Gingerbread 2.3.7 (CM7)
  • Kernel 2.6.35
  • Gen 2
  • Fits in 128MB System Partition (has about 115MB)
Rom: [22.07.2013]

ADWLauncher (removes LauncherPro & Stock Launcher):
AOSP Stock Launcher (removes LauncherPro & ADWLauncher):
LauncherPro (removes StockLauncher & ADWLauncher):

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