CyanogenMod 9 For ZTE Crescent
This ROM is suitable for the Orange San Francisco II, the T-Mobile Vivacity and the Telenor Touch Plus. It is the collaborative efforts of tilal6991, Fuzzra and me (in that order!) and is pretty much a port of ColdFusionX from the Blade and Skate to the Crescent.

You need a 220MB system partition minimum for this ROM (180MB without Google apps). Stock partition layout is ideal but if you are having problems such as missing Google apps, you will need to find an appropriate TPT.

  • Android 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich in CyanogenMod flavour!
  • Adreno 200 ARMv6 GPU drivers for awesome 3D performance - Ice Cream Sandwich running smooth on the Crescent!
  • Hardware acceleration!

How to Install:
  • Grab the ROM and Google apps (links below) and stick them on your SD.
  • Boot in to Recovery by turning the phone off, and turning it on while holding the volume down key.
  • 'Wipe Data/Factory Reset'
  • 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> ROM
  • 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> Google apps
  • Optional: 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> A2SD
  • Optional: 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> Ice Cream Sandwich boot animation
  • 'Reboot System Now'
  • Give it time - first boot takes longer than usual.
  • Run through the first time setup, language, date/time, Google account etc.
  • Have fun!

Google apps (29/04/2012):
Optional: Darktremor A2SD scripts (31/03/2012): or
Optional: Ice Cream Sandwich boot animation (11/04/2012): or
Optional: NinjehKitteh's improved Ice Cream Sandwich boot animation (05/05/2012): http://www.mediafire...si85412sn84iaa1
Optional: Orange UK - Kineto Signal Boost functionality w/ app (07/07/2012):

Not working:
  • Panorama
  • Hardware decoding (and probably never will work)
  • Front Camera

Hardware decoding: Qualcomm are required to release an OpenMAX integration layer update that is compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich due to the device unfortunately being one of many which are MSM7227 QDSP5. The chances of this happening are pretty much zero. If you want more information, or a petition to sign (again) in the hope it actually gets somewhere: http://www.groubal.c...-from-qualcomm/