root guide for zte blade

1. Rooting your Blade.
Root can be achieved through various forms and the most common way is to get it by the Z4Root application. Temporary root access gives you root ability only till you switch the phone off. Permanent root access roots your phone permanently even if you reboot your device.

To root,
1. Download the Z4root app here and install it.
2. Enable USB Debugging or Android Debugging under Settings>Applications>Development.
3. Start the app and give permanent root (Recommended).
4. Wait for it to reboot.
5. You’re rooted.

2. Flashing a Recovery.
Like I already said above, Clock Work Mod seems to be the most widely used recovery and it can be flashed using the ROM Manager application. For GEN1 phones, it’s advised to flash the CWM version and for GEN2 phones, the latest version would do.

To flash CWM through ROM Manager,

1. Download ROM Manager here and install it.
1.*.For GEN1 phones, scroll to the bottom and go to All Recoveries and choose
*.For GEN2 phones, flash recovery by clicking the first option.
3. Wait for it. It will first download the recovery and then flash it.
4. After recovery has been flashed, there are 2 common ways of booting into it. 
*.Booting into recovery through the ROM Manager application.
*.When the phone is switched off, boot into recovery by pressing Power and
Volume- keys simultaneously for about 5 seconds.


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